The name of the association is “The Yarn-Alumni Association” G.P.G.C.W, Rohtak. Its aim is to promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the Alma Mater. The rich experience of old students is utilized for the benefits of the present students. Old students give valuable advice and suggestions for the overall development of the college, Re-union activities and events work as an elixir in the life of the institution.

Alumni network has far reaching benefits for current students. This helps them in getting mentorship in their chosen areas of expertise, getting scholarship and getting a chance to participate in other voluntary programs. The alumni become valuable referral partners and people connectors.

Alumni meet was organized on 7th April 2018. The aim of the establishment of the Alumni Association is to develop and to maintain long term relationships with the alumni’s working in different fields. The invitation was given by the Alumni committee to the college alumni through facebook and personal phone numbers. Registration of the Alumni started at 10:00 am and after that the committee welcomed them with rose petals. The principal and senior members inaugurated the Alumni Meet with the lighting of the lamp.

Members of the Alumni Association (2021)

1. Ms. Poonam Bhanwala (President)
2. Ms. Sarsij (Vice President)
3. Ms. Jyoti Raj (Secretary)
4. Ms. Sudesh Lather (Joint Secretary)
5. Ms. Niti Ahlawat (Treasurer)
6. Ms. Alka (Executive Member)
7. Ms. Suman (Executive Member)
8. Ms. Shalu (Executive Member)
9. Ms. Sunisha Sehgal (Executive Member)

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