College Magazine

The College magazine plays a vital role in an educational institution as it channelize the budding talented writers and helps in encouraging their writing skills by appraisal which inspires and motivates them to read and write much more. Many of the students, who are gifted with good writing skills need a suitable platform to propose it. Hence, our college magazine VANDANA provides a suitable platform for such students to initiate the literary journey by exploring their innovative thoughts. The teacher motivates and guides the students to unleash their talent of creative writing. Generally, the teachers and some of the students having a zeal for literary work take up the responsibility of the editorial board. The Magazine also serves as an yearly document comprising of photographs with caption of various events that occurred in the college such as cultural Events, N.S.S.,N.C.C. ,Women Cell, Legal Literacy cell, Youth Red Cross, Electoral Club, Placement Cell, Sports events and departmental activities .The College magazine offers multi dimensional advantages .It helps in teaching the students the value of co-operation and encourage healthy competition among them and also reflects the academic and co-curricular activities of the college.
The College Magazine Committee Comprises of the following Members:-
1. Dr. Anil Kumari (Associate Prof. of Hindi) Chief Editor Editor(Hindi Section)
2. Dr. Kiran Sharma ( Associate Prof. of English) Editor(English Section)
3. Dr. Suman (Extension Lecturer in Sanskrit) Editor(Sanskrit Section)
4. Dr. Santosh Hooda (Associate Prof. of Zoology) Editor (Science Section)
5. Sh. Narender Hooda (Associate Prof.of Maths) Editor(Maths. Section)
6. Dr. Meenu Nain( Associate Prof.of History) Editor(Women Cell Section)
7. Dr. Mamta Ranga (Associate Prof. of Commerce) Editor(Commerce Section)