The empowerment of women is vital and it increases their ability to influence changes and contribute to a better society. Empowerment is inspiring women to develop the courage to break free from the chains of superstitions and patterns.
Women of today are pragmatic, intelligent and thoughtful and many aspire to be self independent and economically stable and therefore there is every need to empower them. Govt. P.G College for Women, Rohtak being a knowledge hub has within itself the liability of creating social sensitivity and awareness among the students. Thus, keeping in view of the Vision, Mission and Values of our college, we have instituted the Women Studies and Development Cell. The Women Cell of G.P.G.C.W, Rohtak has a dual responsibility of not only handling the cases of grievances of female students on campus but also taking the initiative to organise activities on women empowerment. Moreover, it intends to create awareness and understanding about women's issues, gender discrimination and sexual harassment and also help students to become aware of legal options available in such cases. The cell stands for facilitating women empowerment through guest lectures, seminars, workshops, inter class competitions, awareness programmes and other welfare activities.

Our college magazine VANDANA also offers a creative and dynamic space for students to express their opinions and concerns about inequalities surrounding us.

The Women Empowerment Cell is working in the college under the convenorship of Dr. Meenu Nain.

Other members of the committee are:
Dr. Nirmala Kayat
Dr. Minakshi Saharan
Ms. Pooja Rani
Ms. Preeti Bansal
Ms. Neeraj Kadyan
Mr. Nishant Saini
Mr. Arjun Sharma


To empower women in all spheres of life by enabling them to become agents of social and economic change and by inculcating ethical values for the betterment of self, family and society.


To train women to acquire wide range of skills and knowledge to develop and increase their social, economic and intellectual capacities for peace, security and prosperity of mankind.


To create an enabling environment for our girl students, for promoting gender sensitivity and strong leadership.
To empower the girl students in all spheres of national and global life.
To create social awareness about gender equity, problems of women and prevention of sexual harassment. To sensitise the women students of the college and society about nutrition, health and hygiene.
To impart knowledge on legal rights of women.
To conduct guest lectures by eminent people from different fields, on the economic, social, political and legal rights of women. To conduct seminars and workshops on personality development.
To promote a culture of respect and equality for female gender.
To organise awareness programmes on gender sensitization
To conduct various competitions to encourage their artistic talents for creative thinking.
To celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th , every year.
To provide counselling service to resident and non-resident students. To impart self defence training to the young girl students. To organise yoga workshops and fitness training programme for the physical and mental fitness of the young girls. To sensitise the young girls by the inclusion of topics related to gender sensitization in the curriculum. To conduct counselling sessions for the girl students.
To create an environment of justice.
To foster ''Student's Code of Conduct'' that promotes gender parity at the governance level.
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