A hostel is truly a home away from home. Students from different backgrounds, hailing from different regions stay together representing various traditional cultures, talents etc. Every effort has been made at GPGCW Rohtak to provide the best facilities for students who are in the campus. Every student has access to wide range of facilities. Our Hostel has carefully tended garden and provide an ideal environment for a congenial learning experience. The Hostel is very Secure. It is clear and comfortable and each room is spacious and properly ventilated. It enables the students to have homely atmosphere for their stay and studies. Cultural programs, tour, National days are celebrated from time to time to develop their personality. Full time resident wardens are available to take care of hostellers and to maintain the discipline. There are 108 rooms having the capacity to accommodate 238 students. To maintain social distancing as per Covid 19 protocols, only 194 students are residing in this session. Hostel building is spacious and adjacent to the college. The rooms are provided with fans, tube lights and furnished with cots, cupboards, a chair and a study table. Hostel is also provided with 1 generator, 3 water cooler with purifier for safe and cool drinking water, 5 cameras, 1 vending machine, 3 Fire extinguisher, 1 Refrigrator, 1 brush cutter(grass cutter), LPG cylinder bank with 10 cylinders, 1 computer with scanner and printer for office work. For winter season, 16 geysers have been installed for hot water in all Bathrooms. Hostel has spacious dining hall where daily meals are served at reasonable rates. Hostel has a Recreation Hall with color TV Set, 1 Stereo. Also the hostel is well secured and guarded for 24 hours. A Stand-by power Generator is available with full time attendant in the Hostel to operate during power failures.

Room’s Details:-
1) 3 Seater Room – 68
Each room contains 2 Cots, 1 Table, 1 chairs, 2 Cupboard , 2 Ceiling Fan, 2 light points .
2) Single Room – 40
Each room contains 1 Cots, 1 Chairs, 1 Cupboard, one Celling Fan, 1 light point
3) Guest Room with bathroom.

Totally 108 rooms are there and the capacity of 108 rooms are 238 students but
194 students are kept in hostel due to social Distancing(covid-19).

Hostel Staff

Sr. No. Name of Staff Contact No.
1 Dr. Neelam Mangla(Chief Warden) 9813114752
2 Mrs. Suman Ahlawat (Warden) 9728940041
3 Mrs. Neelam Kumari Gupta(Superintendent ) 9466459948
4 Mrs. Kavita(Superintendent) 8708740593


1) A student admitted to GPGCW will be eligible to apply for admission to hostel.
2) Students have to take a form and apply for admission in the prescribed form through the respective Principal of the college.
3) Admission will be granted by hostel committee strictly on the merit basis.
4) Admission to the hostel will be confirmed only after the student deposit hostel fees and other dues.
5) For students, whose result of earlier annual/semester is pending may be admitted to the hostel only provisionally. Admission of such students shall be confirmed only after the declaration of result.
6) Admission to the hostel will be valid only for one academic year.
7) Student desirous of continuing the admission in the hostel for the next academic year will have to follow the same procedure as prescribed for first year admission in the hostel. The admission to such student will be given only by observing her behavior in the previous year of stay in the hostel. Indisciplined students will not be given admission in the hostel for next academic year.


1) The students who get admission to the hostel will have to pay hostel fees and other dues as under:-
Sr. No. Particular Amount
1 Hostel Consolidation fund 3000/-
2 Room Security 200/-Refundable
3 Mess Security 3000/- Refundable
4 Room Rent 600/- Annual
5 Electricity and water Charges 5500/-Annual
6 Utensil and furniture charges 480/- Annual
7 Common Room Rent 360/- Annual
8 Servant Charges 5000/-Annual
9 Mess Charges 2000/- per month approx.

2) The fees and other dues will have to be paid by Students in the hostel offices only.


24-4-2016 Farewell party
5-9-2016 Teachers day celebration
28.02.2017 One day Trip on Adventure Island
04.03.2017 One day trip to Kurukshetra
13-01-2018 Lohri celebration
2.04.2018 Farewell party
21.06.2018 International yoga day
05.09.2018 Teachers day Celebration
13.01.2019 Lohri celebration
Feb 2019 Farewell Party
02.09.2019 Sukhmani sahib ka path
05.09.2019 Teachers day Celebration
11.08.2021 Teej Celebration
17.03.2022 Holi Celebration
1.04.2022 Pariksha per Charcha by Prime Mininster
Independence day , Republic Day and New year is celebrated every year


1) Cancellation of admission –
The student desirous of cancelling Hostel admission will have to apply in her own handwriting to the Principal through Chief Warden and Hostel Supdt.
2) Refund of hostel fees:-
The fees once paid is not refundable
Except under certain special circumstances shown below:
a) When the student cancels her admission in the hostel by giving her information in written within 15 days of taking admission in the Hostel.
b) When the College Principal cancels admission of the student on technical ground.

Note – No refund except security will be given if a student leaves the Hostel on her own or is removed from the Hostel or College on the ground of misbehaviour in the hostel or in the college.

Refund of Deposits-

1)The deposits will be refunded only after the student has obtained the clearance certificate ( No dues certificate) from the college as well as from the Hostel.
2) The refund of fees and deposit shall ordinarily be made by cheque within three months from the date of cancellation of admission in the college and in the hostel.


1) Allotment of room to the students will be made by the hostel supdt. after confirmation of the admission in the Hostel.
2) Allotment once made will ordinarily remain unchanged throughout the year. However, the Supdt. will have the right to make necessary changes in the allotment of the room during the year and the change made by Supdt. will be binding on the student. Student is not expected to change her room without prior permission of the Supdt.
3) A student should occupy her room within 7 days from the date of allotment. Failing to do this, allotment of the room will stand cancelled and the hostel fees paid by her will not be refunded.
4) Before occupying the room a student should produce a medical fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner.
5) In case of sickness student should inform hostel office about it immediately.
6) Students will have to use their own locks for room and lockers.
7) Student will be provided with a cot, table, chair, fan and tube light switch boards. After allotment of the room by the Hostel Authority,the student will have to hand over the furniture and equipments received by her at the time of leaving the room.
8) A student will use her own bedding.
9) Student will have to keep her room clean, neat & tidy and should always be careful in its maintenance. She should not litter up her room or the premises.
10) Water and electricity should be used economically. Uses of electrical appliances such as heater rod, hot plates, electric iron, radio receiver etc are strictly prohibited. Fine will be charged if the student is found using such appliances and she will be liable for dismissal from the hostel.
11) Student should stay in their Hostel rooms between 9 p.m. To 6 a.m.
12) A student’s presence is compulsory at the final roll call by the Hostel staff every day at 5:30 p.m.
13) For permission to remain absent for the roll call or for going out during night time or for going out of station or for staying with relatives and friends in the city, a student should apply in writing to the Supdt. well in advance and get her permission.
14) The student have to apply in the prescribed form to Supdt. before going out during night for genuine reasons.
15) Taking into consideration the acute shortage of electricity students should take particular care to switch off the lights and fans, when they are not inside the rooms.
16) Student shall not enter into others room without their consent and should not disturb others.
17) Students will have to vacate the rooms immediately within two days after their annual examinations are over. If they desire to stay in the hostel during vacation period, they will have to apply in writing to the respective Principal, through the supdt. well in advance and the decision of the Principal will be final.
18) Student is not allowed to carry meal outside/mess or to the hostel rooms.
19) Due to unavoidable circumstances if student is not able to return to hostel after leave, she should inform to hostel office telephonically about over staying at home. A strict disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.
20) The student who remains absent for more than three days without the permission of the Supdt., the Principal of her college will be informed accordingly and suitable disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.
21) No student is allowed to stay in the hostel room, while academic classes are going on.
22) Hostel student’s guests are not allowed to go to students rooms. They are permitted to meet their ward in visitors room only.


1) The student should behave in such a fashion that the atmosphere of the hostel remains clam and conducive to studies and leading to the cultural and moral development of the inmates.
2) Students should take utmost care to keep their room and hostel premises neat and clean.
3) Prior permission of the principal of the colleges, through Supdt. in necessary for arranging any function, lecture, excursion, get together or to start any activity in the hostel premises. The decision of the Principal for giving permission will be final.
4) In the case of any untoward happening such as theft, cheating accident, sudden sickness etc. student should immediately report to the hostel authority.
5) Student suffering from bodily disorder, injury or sickness should immediately report the matter to the Supdt. and seek help from the authorized hospital; however student wishing to be treated other than authorized hospital may do so by giving in writing.
6) The students are advised to avoid keeping valuable articles or cash in their rooms. If they do so it will be entirely at their own risk. They are further advised to lock their room with sturdy locks even if they leave the room for any reason and they are further advised to deposit their cash or valuables with Indian Overseas Bank available on the campus.
7) No parents are allowed to stay in the student’s room.
8) Students are strictly prohibited from receiving guest in their rooms.
9) Students are strictly prohibited from paying outdoor games in the hostel premises. Similarly students should not play indoor games in hostel rooms.
10) Students will have to remain present for flag hoisting on 15th August and 26th January.
11) Student should not loiter in the veranda, passages and disturb others, perfect silence should be observed. Shouting is strictly prohibited.
12) Smoking and alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited in the hostel and college premises.
13) Students shall not bring or use crackers, hand bobs or any explosive articles in the hostel premises that may cause noise pollution, disturbance or danger to life/property or both.
14) Student should take utmost care to see that no damage is caused to the hostel building, furniture, electrical & sanitary fittings, water cooler & Aqua guard and any other equipment in the hostel premises. The loss caused will be recovered from the students.
15) Students should not play radio, transistor, record player or any other musical instruments in the hostel premises.
16) The students and visitors will have to make entry in the Entry Register /Departure Register kept at the entrance of the hostel while going out or coming in.
17) Students shall behave politely and properly with the Supdt./ staff member of the hostel.


Following activities are strictly prohibited in the hostel.
1) Loudly speaking/talking/shouting.
2) Sitting unnecessarily anywhere in campus/hostel.
3) Ragging or torturing any student mentally or physically.
4) Misbehaviour with the hostel staff.
5) Quarreling with each other.
6) Going Outside from the hostel (without permission).
7) Damage to hostel property.
8) Standing in front of hostel main door, passage, staircases etc.
9) Improper dress while taking meals.
10) Posters or painting on the walls of hostel rooms and doors.
11) Disturbance to other students.
12) Cooking in the room.
13) Changing allotted room and the furniture without prior permission from hostel authority. In all above matters the decision of the Principal of college, based on the report and recommendation of the Supdt. of Hostel shall be final and binding on the students. The students will strictly adhere to the rules of discipline framed by the college and the Hostel authorities, from time to time.