Vision of the College

The college has a well-defined vision to provide a conducive environment for value-based transformative education. The Institution works hard to empower young women with knowledge, skills and competence embodying the college insignia 'Know Thyself' to develop responsible citizens and to enable them to contribute towards creating a sensitized, more aware, humane, just and enlightened society.

Mission of the College

The mission of the college is: -
To realize the vision of the college through training programmes, career guidance, placement drives, and providing students with the opportunity to understand present society.
- To equip the students with the know-how to understand the present day globalised society and to critically analyse its structure and working.
- To help the students intellectually and academically competent to carry out their responsibility as a citizen.
- To enable the students to keep pace ICT-oriented post-covid globalised society.
- To inculcate a spirit of enquiry and curiosity about all aspects of life and an inclination for its growth and development.
- To train the students for entrepreneurship and to develop a spirit of professionalism in them.
- To develop not only a spirit of core competence among the students for professional life ahead but also to inculcate a profound sense of social welfare among them.
- To train the students in becoming leaders at various levels in social and professional life.
- To make the students thoughtful about the importance of bio-diversity in human life.
- To offer a multidimensional system of education to inculcate values along with academic growth.