Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

To promote measures for the institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality and institutionalization of best practices, Govt. College for Women, Rohtak established IQAC in the year 2011 in compliance with ideology of the governing body of the higher educational institutions: The NAAC.As the quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC works towards the realization of goals of quality enhancement. It plays a vital role in development of a system of conscious,consistent and catalytic improvement in the holistic performance of the institution in all its academic and administrative efforts. IQAC ushers quality in assessment and accreditation by taking up latest initiatives and planning new strategies and deploying these towards the attainment of the higher objectives/goals of the institution for excellence. It also helps the institution in channelizing its efforts towards promoting the comprehensive academic and administrative excellence.

NAAC Certificate


Setting quality benchmarks with consistent work for excellence.


To promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality cultural and institutionalization of best practices as well as to act as a catalytic agent in the institution by bringing heightened level of focus in institutional functioning.


The primacy of this cell is


The Internal Quality Assurance Cell shall evolve mechanisms and procedures for


IQAC will facilitate and contribute towards its chief objectives and its endeavour is to ensure and assure robust cultural of quality to a heightened level of clarity and focus on institutional functioning towards quality enhancement and facilitate internalization of quality culture.


IQAC coordinator is like the captain of the ship. Coordinator has the responsible approach towards the work processes and most importantly works on the goal of achieving NAAC accreditation.

Operational Features of the IQAC

IQAC ensures clarity of the work processes. Its continuous assessment pattern makes it possible to create an internalization of quality education culture in the institution. It ensures a better collaboration between various departments of the college and eradicates the communication gap with frequent evaluation and feedbacks. IQAC allows the faculty to properly create authentic documentations and keep their records for future reference in the NAAC assessment process.

Monitoring Mechanism

The IQAC will conduct audits both internal and external to accomplish its quality enhancement initiatives.

Documentation of the records will be the prime focus of the IQAC and will be communicated to all concerned in bringing about positive changes. The IQAC will form a nexus between the Management, Principal, faculty and student body to achieve tasks set every year.

Regular documentation and SPP of each committee/cell/club and following it stringently will provide ample scope for annual submission of the AQAR to NAAC.

The IQAC will also put in place a feedback system, which will in turn benefit each of the stakeholders.

The IQAC shall also create its exclusive space on its institutional website and regularly upload its activities and host its annual report .

IQAC Composition of the institution is tabled below
SlNo. MemberName of Member Designation
1 Chair Person Mrs. Poonam Bhanwala Principal
2 Convener Mrs. Seema Jain HOD Zoology
3 Advisor Mrs. Savita Pruthi HOD Chemistry
4 Member Dr. Santosh Hooda Faculty, Dept. of Zoology
5 Member Dr. Meenu Nain Faculty, Dept. of History
6 Member Dr. Savita Thakran HOD English
7 Member Mrs. Sudesh HOD Computer
8 Member Dr. Jyoti Faculty, Dept. of Geography
9 Member Dr. Kiran Sharma Faculty, Dept. of English
10 Member Dr. Pushp Deep Dagar Faculty, Dept. of Commerce
11 Member Dr. Sushila HOD Commerce
12 Member Dr. Renu Faculty, Dept. of Botany
13 Alumni Member Dr. Manju Retd. Asso. Prof. Psychology
14 Student Member Ms. Aanchal B.Sc II (Phy. Hons)
15 External Member Mr. Parmod Gouri Social Achivist
16 Industry Representative Mr. Mahipal Jain MD Supertech Industries


Notification of IQAC Composition
IQAC Seminar Report

IQAC-Workshop and Seminar-Report 2016-17 to 2020-21

IQAC- Details of Workshop and Seminar-Report 2016-17 to 2020-21