In view of globalisation and global status of English language, the Department of English endeavours to promote appreciation of literature and inculcation of aesthetics in the students. English being a compulsory subject in MDU, our Society aims at honing four basic skills in our young learners through the functioning of English Literary Society which is an integral part of the department. Under the guidance of the convener and the members English Literary Society helps the students gain confidence, be abreast with the changing times and trends and create a niche.

Student office bearers are an integral part of this society who discharge different duties and play an important role in organising various inhouse literary activities and inter-college competitions throughout the year. It hones their important life skills namely role-playing, working methodically, responsibility, organization of literary events, decision making, knowledge sharing, public speaking, cooperation and leadership. By the time students graduate, a perceptible difference is seen in their personality which itself is a reflection of imbibing and sharpening their soft and life skills.

A series of activities organized every year by the Society namely poetry recitation, essay writing, declamation contest, slogan writing, quiz, extension lectures etc. not only provides a platform for showcasing the hidden talents of the students but also imparts life long learning and memories to cherish. The society not only prepares the students for literary competitions and sharpens their aesthetics by acquainting them with our cultural but also provides a chance to experience and excel in these events both in and out of the college. Covid-19 has added to their experience of organizing such events online. Students enjoy and learn from each activity of the Society. To add to their experience students take turn in writing 'Thought for the Day' or 'Explain a Word' on the Display board of the Society thereby upgrading their linguistic and interactive skills. During this process the Society imparts guidance and counseling in matters related to career and profession and also enriches their language skills.

Students look up to the Society for guidance. The Society nurtures the budding talents of the students and helps them define as well as attain their objective of life.

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