The National Service Scheme (NSS) was launched in the year 1969 to celebrate the birth centenary of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.
The University Grant Commission headed by Dr. Radha Krishnan recommended introduction of National Service in the academic institutions on
a voluntary basis with a view to develop healthy contact between the students and the teachers on the one hand and establish a constructive link-
age between the campus and the community on the other hand .

At present ,There are four units of N.S.S in our college . In each unit 100 seats are allotted by Maharshi Dayanand University , Rohtak.

Our Programme Officers are:

Unit 1 - Programme Officer : Dr. Reena , Assistant Professor of Mathematics Contact No. : 9254250236
Unit 2 - Programme Officer : Ms. Priyanka , Assistant Professor of Geography Contact No. : 9990245500
Unit 3 - Programme Officer : Ms. Lalita , Assistant Professor of Computer Science Contact No. : 8377992809
Unit 4 - Programme Officer : Ms. Naveen Kumari , Assistant Professor of Sociology Contact No. : 9812006442

Our N.S.S. Units work hard to bridge the gulf between the educated and uneducated section of the community .
In the process of hosting a variety of programmes and engaging in work with other welfare organisations , our students are empowered with organisations skills and get exposure to democratic leadership .


Being the third dimension of education , NSS is part and parcel of our academic , social and personal life . It galvanises the students assiduously for imparting their services for the sake of their community and nation . The Motto of NSS ''Not Me But You'' accentuates that the well being of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society as a whole . Thus , our NSS Units aspire to serve the underprivileged people through education . Our Units also make untiring efforts to promote the unity and integrity of the nation by bringing together young people from diverse geographical and socio-cultural background .
Types of Activities :- Generally , our NSS units perform two types of activities :
Regular Activities (120 hours) and
Annual Special Camp(120 hours) .
The units work for sensitising young minds to contribute for the welfare of society by organising various activities throughout the year . It carries out several community outreach programmes . All the NSS volunteers who have served NSS for at least two years and have performed 240 hours of work under NSS are entitled to a certificate from the university under the signature of the Vice Chancellor and the programme coordinator . The Annual camps are known as Special camps and are usually located in a rural village or a city suburb . Our volunteers work for eradication of social evils and illiteracy , for watershed management , wasteland development , agricultural operations , health and hygiene , sanitation and nutrition , mother and child care , for family life education , for gender justice ,for development of rural cooperatives and for savings lives . Our programme officers and volunteers actively participate in environmental upgradation programmes , in tree plantation drives , in campus cleanliness projects and in various rallies and awareness campaigns .

Achievements of NSS volunteer - Jasmine Bishnoi

1. Participated in 21st National Youth Festival, 2017.
2. Participated in Suvichar and National Youth Conclave at 21st National Youth Festival, 2017
3. Participated in 22nd National Youth Festival, 2018
4. NSS Merit Certificate(2016-2018)
5. College Colour, 2018
6. Award for Excellence, 2018
7. Best Volunteer Award, 2018
8. Third Position at District Level ( NSS, 2018)
9. National Service Scheme Award 2018-19 (Honoured with President Medal and an amount of Rs. 1 Lac. by the Honorable President of India)
10. National Service Scheme Award 2018-19 (Honoured with Trophy , Merit Certificate and Cash Prize by the Honorable Governor of Haryana.)

Achievements of NSS Volunteer - Pooja Sanwaria

1. Award of Proficiency in NSS Activities in Session 2017-18 at College Level.
2. Won 1st position in Inter Zonal Competition on Gandhi Jayanti, MDU Rohtak (2017-18)
3. Award of Excellence (2018-19)
4. Participated in National Level Republic Day Parade Camp at Sikar in Rajasthan (2018).
5. Participated in Pre Republic Day Parade at New Delhi in 2019
6. Attended Two NSS Seven Days Special Camps
7. Declamation Contest on NSS Day - 3rd prize (2017-18)
8. District Level Declamation Contest - 1st prize(2018-19)
9. State Level Declamation Contest - 1st Prize (2018-19)
10 College Colour - 2018-19
11.State Level Award : 2018-19
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