The NCC in India was formed under the National Cadet Corps Act of 1948. The National Cadet Corps is the youth wing of Armed Forces with its Headquarters at New Delhi, Delhi, India. NCC is the largest uniformed youth organization. The motto of NCC is 'Unity and Discipline'. Govt. P.G. College for Women Rohtak has a strong and vibrant NCC programme which strives to develop leadership, build strength of character, comradeship, spirit of sportsmanship, a secular outlook, discipline, the spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service among the young students of the college. Further, it aims at creating a force of organized, trained and motivated youth who could be of assistance to the country in a national emergency.

History of the College NCC:

Govt. P.G. College for Women, Rohtak, took the initiative and joined the National Cadet Corps in 1959 to prepare its students for serving the nation.
GPGCW is a sub unit of 2 HAR GIRLS BN NCC ROHTAK with two units of 107 cadets of Senior Wing. NCC offers 'B' and 'C' certificates for Senior wing (SW) cadets.
The NCC unit of our college is very dynamic and enthusiastic.

Vision and Mission:

Our NCC wing's vision is to empower volunteer youth to become potential leader and responsible citizen of the country and our mission is to develop leadership and character qualities, mould discipline, nurture social integration and cohesion through multifaceted programmes conducted in a military environment. Our NCC units play a major role in developing students' character by promoting values such as patriotism, service, discipline, hard work, team spirit, leadership, and self-confidence, as well as overall personality development through participation in various camps and activities throughout the year like Institutional Training, Annual Training Camp, Army Attachment Camp, Republic Day Camp, TSC, Youth Exchange Programme, Community Development Programme cum Social Service Activities, Adventure Training, Cycle Expedition, Trekking & Sports etc.

Training Methodology:

Our training methodology basically includes comprehensive training for empowerment of youth to earn the right to lead, module-based training to include character building and competence development, basic military training, social awareness and service. We conduct training in an innovative, interesting, and safe manner with a high degree of visibility in order to inspire youngsters, backed up by suitable training infrastructure and logistics support for cadets.

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