SCHOLARSHIP- A Grant-in-Aid to a Student

The concept of scholarship emerged in Haryana in 2008-09 and since then it has been playing a crucial role in providing financial assistance to the deserving students. In today's world, education is a prominent tool to empower the young girl students but it has become so expensive that the girls require financial assistance to pursue the career of their dreams. In such a scenario, scholarships come up as the most desired form of financial aid. If one deserves,one can get scholarship on the merit basis. This makes scholarships prestigious and also pays for one's degree. The scholarship is financial aid provided to a student by an appropriate authority.It has changed the lives of many students and helped them to achieve success and fulfill their dreams.Therefore, Many Scholarships, Incentive and Stipend schemes are introduced by the Govt. of India and the Govt. of Haryana to achieve the goal. A brief note regarding such schemes is given below:- CONSOLIDATED STIPEND SCHEME FOR THE WELFARE OF SCHEDULED CASTE STUDENTS The scheme was introduced by the Govt. of Haryana in the year 2008-09 for the welfare of SC students. Under this scheme, a stipend of Rs. 1000/- P.M for twelve months and an additional amount of Rs. 500/- P.M for twelve months is provided to those SC Students who are availing the hostel facility. PROVISION OF BOOKS FOR SC STUDENTS In the year 2008-09 the Govt. of Haryana introduced this scheme for the welfare of SC students. Under this scheme, an amount of Rs. 2000/- P.A. for purchasing books, is given to the deserving SC students. The payment is made through electronic transaction. The scheme covers only the students of Govt. Colleges in Haryana. POST MATRIC SCHOLARSHIP FOR WELFARE OF BACKWARD CLASSES The Scheme was initiated by the Government of India to promote education among Backward class students of Haryana. This scheme provides a stipend and reimbursement of tuition fee and examination fee to those BC students whose parents'/guardian's annual income from all sources is Rs. 1,50,000/-. At present, as per the guidelines of the social welfare department, the eligible students are given maintenance allowance only. HARYANA GOVT. MERIT SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME FOR UNDER GRADUATE STUDENTS The State Government introduced this Scheme on plan side during the financial year 2005-06. The main objective of the scheme is to enable meritorious girl students of Haryana to pursue higher education. The top ten girl students with at least 60% marks in 10+2 and now studying in any govt. institution are awarded merit scholarship under the scheme. The amount of the scholarship awarded has been Rs. 3000/- per college per student annually. HARYANA STATE (MERITORIOUS INCENTIVE SCHEME) SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME The State Government introduced this scheme during the financial year 2005-06. The main objective of the scheme is to encourage excellence in academics and overall development of the students. Under the scheme the male students (general category), female students (general category) and both male and female students (SC category) are given fixed annual scholarship based on their position/performance in Annual University Examination, in both graduate and post graduate classes at college level. The students who stand first in the Merit are given Rs. 5000/- p.a., Second Rs. 3000/- p.a. Third 2000/- p.a. The scheme is meant only for Govt. Colleges. HARYANA STATE MERITORIOUS INCENTIVE SCHEME The objective of the scheme is to encourage the toppers of CBSE annual exams, by giving them a substantial amount as a motivating incentive. Under this Scheme two students (one boy & one girl student) are given annual Incentive based on their Merit position/performance in Haryana State in annual examination of 10th and 12th of CBSE every year. Under this scheme the toppers (1 Girl and 1 Boy) of 10th and 12th are awarded the actual fees paid by him /her upto Rs. 25000/- and Rs. 1,00,000/- p.a. respectively. It is also a renewal scheme. STIPEND SCHEME FOR THE WELFARE OF GRAND CHILDREN OF FREEDOM FIGHTERS In this scheme Rs.2000/- P.A. for books and a stipend of Rs. 1000/- per month for twelve months are given to the grand children of Freedom Fighters. This scheme covers the students of Govt./ Non-Govt. Aided Colleges of Haryana. STATE MERIT SCHOLARSHIP The Govt. of Haryana has introduced this scheme to motivate the meritorious students of Haryana. This scheme awarded scholarship to the students of Govt. /Non-Govt. Colleges on the basis of Board/University merit. At Graduate level 300/- per month for the whole year At Postgraduate level 450/- per month for the whole year CENTRAL SECTOR SCHEME OF SCHOLARSHIPS FOR COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY STUDENTS The above mentioned scholarship is awarded by Ministry of Education, Government of India on thebasis of results of Higher Secondary / Class XII Board Examination. This scholarship is given to those students who are above 80th percentile of successful candidates in the relevant stream from the respective Board of Examination in Class XII of 10+2 pattern orequivalent and who are pursuing regular degree courses and not correspondence or distance mode or pursuing Diploma courses. For more information visit Dr. SAROJINI DEVI MEMORIAL AWARD This scholarship is given in the memory of Late Sarojini Devi, Associate Professor of Psychology.This has been given to II and III year Psychology (Hons) students for securing 1st, 2nd and 3rd Position. The students who stand first in the Merit are given Rs. 1800/- p.a., Second Rs. 1500/- p.a. Third 1200/- p.a.Such Scholarship provides financial aid to the less fortunate ones and helps them to achieve their desired goals. These people are not only talented but are filled with energy to work for the society, and scholarship is the best push they can get. Committee Members: 1. Dr. Sonia (In charge) 2. Mr. Chain Singh (In charge) 3. Mrs. Preeti (Scholarship Clerk) 4. Mrs. Bhawna (Scholarship Clerk) Contact Information: