Govt. PG College for Women, Rohtak is affiliated to Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak. The College follows the guidelines issued from time to time by the University for award of Internal Assessment. The division of Internal Assessment prescribed by the University is as follows:

1. 25% for Attendance

2. 25% for Assignments/Presentation (better of the two)

3. 50% for Class Test

The marks for attendance are awarded to the students based upon the following criteria (in case the internal assessment is of 20 marks):

i.Less than 65 % attendance - 0 Marks

ii.Upto 70 % attendance-2 Marks

iii.Upto 75 % attendance-3 Marks

iv.Upto 80 % attendance-4 Marks

v.Above 80 % attendance- 5 Marks

In orientation session and introductory classes, students are informed about the Academic Policy of the College. Teachers ensure that the students are aware of the Internal Assessment Evaluation Criteria. It is discussed with them in detail to enhance transparency and academic rigor with a view to focus on individual and original work. The criterion is objective and transparent devoid of any bias on the part of the teacher.

Students are informed in advance that independent learning, original thinking and new ideas will be given additional points. They are encouraged to prepare different topics related to the syllabus for the presentation. The schedule for class test and submission of assignments is announced among the students well in advance. Assignments and tests are regularly conducted and students are given more than one opportunity to improve their performance.

A variety of techniques and methods such as MCQs, Quiz, Group Discussion and Classroom presentations are employed on a continuous basis before semester-end examinations held by the University.

The grievance related to Internal Assessment is primarily resolved by the concerned subject teacher. The class test and assignments are shown to the students in class after its evaluation. The attendance of individual students also remains open in class for inspection by the students. The class test is reevaluated in presence of the student to solve the grievance related to evaluation of the class test. The presentation is evaluated on the basis of criteria laid down by the university i.e. the nature of presentation, selection of the topic and language competency. If the grievance is not resolved by the concerned subject teacher then the student can also make an appeal to the HOD of the concerned department.

Students are given the opportunity to improve their performance through re-tests and one to one discussion in tutorials. Students are also encouraged to apply the theoretical concepts taught in class to real life situations/problems through these projects, assignments etc.

The students are persistently encouraged to discuss the topics of internal assessment with their concerned teachers and every sort of academic help such as-availability of material, books and journals pertaining to the topic are provided to the students by the teachers. Remedial classes are also offered in various subjects to provide additional help.