Counselling Cell

Govt. P.G. College for Women, Rohtak is one of the foremost academic institution of Haryana. The institution is well known for its quality in higher education and all-embracing facilities for its students. The intricacies of today’s world has accentuated the urgent need of introducing and strengthening the counselling services in the colleges.
Emotional, psychological and social well-being helps one cope with the challenges of life effectively.
Hence, with the intent to address and help resolve these issues of the students community, the college has initia ted the “Counselling Cell” in the college premises with the assistance of faculty members of Psychology Department as counsellors. Head and Associate Prof. of Psychology Dr. Lokesh Balhara and his colleagues,
Dr. Neelam Mangla and Mr. Vinod Kumar render their quality services as counsellors to those students who are in need of help. The faculty advises and suggests the necessary tips required for the well-being of the students and empower them with life skills needed to face the challenges of this dynamic world. Moreover,
the counselling cell motivates the students to identify their inner strength which will enable them for their holistic development. Individual Counselling sessions are organized in their free period or after 2:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The goals of the counselling cell are:-
• To enhance coping skills (coping with life situations, with grief and loss, with depression)
• To improve relationships.
• To facilitate positive behavioral changes and psychological well-being.
• To promote decision making.
• To encourage the student to reach her potential.
• To establish and maintain relationship socially.
• To teach them how to build self-esteem.
• To train them to manage stress, anxiety and crisis.
• To assist them in resolving family disputes and difficulties.
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