Cultural and Literary Activities Society

In our institution cultural programmes are celebrated with great jubilation. Students get ample opportunities to perform. Cultural programmes identify and strengthen the hidden talents of the students. They also develop healthy competitive spirit among the students. Our programmes provide a platform for the holistic development of the students. The development of human personality is multi dimensional. The human mind which gets thoroughly exhausted because of the daily hectic work always needs a space to relax and ease out. The overall personality of a student would be achieved not only through the academic activities but it requires venting the hidden talents to attain a wholesome personality.

The committee of cultural activities undertakes the responsibility to discover the hidden talent in the students and providing a platform for the exposure of their talents in various facets like drama, skit, mimicry, mime, singing classical and semi-classical, folk, solo and group dances, painting, photography, rangoli, elocution, debate, essay writing and so on. With innumerable campus events and programmes there is never a dull moment in the college. It's events calendar is always packed with a steady line of activities every academic year ranging from celebration of diversity, intra-college festivities, regional festivals, national day celebrations, etc.

Students are awarded prizes and certificates of Merit for their excellence in curricular, co-curricular activities. In the beginning of the session we organise Talent Search: Chingari to give platform to the newly admitted students. Our college students participate in various inter-college, inter-university competitions organised at different levels. Rasmanjari: Cultural Programme is celebrated with great All the committee members work tirelessly under the guidance of the convener throughout the session for the holistic development of the students. exhilaration and enthusiasm in which students of all the classes take part in large numbers.
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