Government P.G. College for Women, Rohtak

Government P.G. College for Women, Rohtak, is an 'A' Grade accredited (2016) nonpareil higher education college of excellence which caters to the need of higher education of women of the Rohtak city and not only the surrounding but also far flung rural areas of Haryana since its inception in 1959. The college started with only Under Graduate programmes and was not named as a P. G. college even after the college has been offering Master Degree Programme in Computer Science for many years. It was re-designated as a P. G. college in 2017 only after more Masters Programmes were started. At present, there are 204 faculty members and 6507 students enrolled in 14 UG (Honours and Pass course), 6 PG Programmes, and one PG diploma (APGDCA).

Our college is committed to providing higher education to young women with the objective of making them academically qualified, job oriented and morally sound responsible citizens as the college has a mission of ushering young women into the present day globalised world capable of dealing with all situations of life including situations like COVID-19. To realise this mission, the college provides a holistic environment for life-long learning and adds values to create infinite potential among the studnets.

The college functions effectively with the dynamic guidance of the Principal; commitment, mutual support and participative work ethics of highly qualified faculty and efficient administrative staff; student friendly encouraging environment for an inclusive growth and holistic development of the students to transform them into enlightened and responsible youth force.

The college is looking forward to the next cycle of NAAC accreditation. The college administration, faculty and students are collectively gearing themselves up to meet the contemporary educational and newly emerged social requirements. Main features of the college during last five years are: addition to the existing infrastructure; greater use of ICT enabled teaching-learning tools and platforms; enhanced peer-group learning through group assignments and collective presentations; more frequent Mentor-Mentee meetings; increase in the number of PG programmes in CBCS mode; enhanced co-curricular, extra-curricular and extension activities; increased students' participation both in online and offline modes in all activities and increased active support of alumni. The support of the parents during this period has been noteworthy.

The present SSR has been prepared with utmost care despite the limitations imposed by COVID-19. The college undertakes this accreditation process for the betterment of academic excellence, improved functioning of the college and its contribution to the society. Today, the role of our college is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and productive members in the ever changing global society . Our college is striving hard to make best possible efforts to inculcate strong values combining with academics in this direction.